Problems With Hammertoe? Try These Home Treatments

The most suitable type of hammertoe correction for your condition depends on whether your toe is still flexible or not. In the early stages, your toe may develop calluses and be painful, but the joint is still able to move, so you can straighten out your toe. As the damage progresses, the joint eventually becomes stiff, and stays in a bent position. Then the only treatment that works is surgery. That's why you don't want to ignore your symptoms. [Read More]

How Can I Talk To My Parents About Assisted Living?

Have you recently noticed that your parents aren't really able to care for themselves anymore? Has their home simply gotten too big for them to handle on their own? It may be time to begin the discussion about moving into assisted living. While many people associate assisted living with moving into a nursing home, residents can actually live rather independent lives while receiving the little assistance that they do need. But how do you have the conversation about giving up their home and moving into assisted living? [Read More]

Successful Medical Weight Loss – What Are Your Next Steps?

If you have undergone a medical weight loss program or procedure that has proven effective, this is a great first step towards bettering your lifestyle and health. Many individuals get to this step, but have a hard time remembering that this is just the beginning of a new, healthy lifestyle. Your doctor has given you the facts and information on how to keep the weight off, but what you will need is support and advice for the long run. [Read More]

Four Alternate Ways To Control Pain

One of the goals of home health care is to help patients control their pain levels. While there are many medications that will help, there are some complementary techniques that can help, as well. These are particularly great for volunteers and aids to use since they can't subscribe medication.  1. Laughter. It can change a body's chemistry, relieve tension, create a diversion, release endorphines, relax muscles, and stimulate organs. It will also help lighten depression, which is common with homebound patients. [Read More]