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Go ahead and Open the Window

Enjoy the Fresh Air and Relax...  Your Security System is On 

Home security is Something we have to live with today.  And here's the answer to making it even more livable, without boarding up our windows and shutting out the world.

Imperial Alarm Screens offer the most "natural" way to protect a home.  They look  like any high quality, fiberglass screen, but their detective duty is disguised.  Plug in your security system, and they activate an alarm if your screens are tampered with from the outside. 

Even with the system on, from the inside you can open and close your Imperial screened windows as you please.  Throw them open at night and sleep like a  baby, because while you're enjoying the fresh air, you're also being protected by one of  the most alarming crime - stoppers on the market. 

Imperial Alarm Screens have proven effective in scaring off would-be intruders before they even break a window.  And that lets you breathe easy.