Treatment for Neonatal Jaundice

It is not unusual for babies to be born with jaundice. This is a mild condition that causes the skin and whites of the eyes to turn yellow. In addition to yellow skin and white sclerae, the baby may also have dark-colored urine or light stools. The jaundice is caused by an elevation in bilirubin, which is a yellow substance that is present in bile. Neonatal jaundice, also known as neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, is considered a benign condition; however, the pediatric physician may recommend the following interventions while your baby is still in the hospital to help bring down the bilirubin. [Read More]

Suffering With An Eating Disorder? How A Treatment Program Can Help

Having an eating disorder can often feel like you're suffering in silence. Even the people who are closest to you may not realize what you are going through because you've become so adept at hiding it. The pain of knowing that you have fallen victim to an ailment that can steal so much of your life away may cause you to feel distressed. However, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about and there is hope. [Read More]

Medical Cannabis For Chemotherapy Side Effects

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, then chemotherapy may be a recommended treatment component of your cancer care plan. While chemotherapeutic agents help kill cancer cells, they can also damage the healthy cells in your body, leaving you with suppressed immunity and debilitating side effects. Your oncologist can prescribe medications to help relieve your side effects, however, they may be ineffective in certain people and may even contribute to the worsening of your chemo side effects. [Read More]

How Strangulation SANE Helps Manage These Tough Cases

Death by strangulation is a more common problem than many people realize and is often a very tough type of case to figure out. Unfortunately, it is often too tricky for some to fully understand, which may mean that it is necessary to reach out to professionals. Thankfully, strangulation SANE provides protocols and tests that make it easier to figure out what happened. Strangulation is Often a Mysterious Situation Strangulation deaths are often very long, drawn-out, and painful, but can be done quietly — which is one reason why they may occur. [Read More]