Tips For Helping To Keep Your Child Healthy

Raising a child will require you to have a basic understanding of the various health needs that they will need to have met as well as the potential problems that can arise as children grow and develop. While many of these topics will be fairly complicated, it is important for parents to be mindful of the benefits that will come from following some simple tips that can provide their children with potentially important benefits. [Read More]

Language Development In Children Whose First Language Is Not English: How Services Help

When you adopt a child from another country, you will find that a language barrier exists. A child of three or four has already started to learn his or her native language, and English is both foreign and frightening for your adopted child to hear. Thankfully, you can enroll your newly-adopted child in language development services. Here are some of those services and how they can help. The Birth to Three Program [Read More]

Sore Throat: When To See Your Doctor And When You Can Treat It At Home

A sore throat can be an uncomfortable and painful part of any illness and can be treated in a variety of ways. Often a sore throat can be due to a common cold but can also be a symptom of a more serious underlying illness. Here are some tips to help you know when to see your doctor for additional treatment and how you can treat your sore throat at home to alleviate its discomfort. [Read More]

Is Matcha EGCG Tea Right For You?

Matcha tea is often touted as an alternative to coffee and mocha. It has become increasingly popular for people who want to make healthier dieting choices. If you are on the fence about matcha tea, here is what you need to know. What Are the Benefits? Matcha tea is more than the average green tea. Instead of drinking water that has been infused with the flavor of tea leaves, you get to drink the actual leaves. [Read More]