Troubleshooting Your Silent Hearing Aid

One day, you turn your hearing aid on and you discover that it no longer produces the sound. Or, as you are performing your daily listening test, you might notice an inconsistency in the quality of the sound. Before getting your hearing aid repaired, make sure there isn't a problem you can fix. Clean Any Wax Buildup Look at the hearing aid to determine if there is any wax buildup. If so, clean off your hearing aid before putting it back in. [Read More]

Examining The Dangers Of Putting Off Hip Surgery

When osteoarthritis settles in your hip joint, you may only feel slight discomfort at its onset. As osteoarthritis progresses, however, you may lose a lot of mobility, have increased episodes of intense pain and also decrease your chances of a simpler type of hip surgery like re-surfacing the joint. While these are debilitating symptoms that can directly impact your daily life, you should know that putting off hip surgery can also lead to other, more serious health issues. [Read More]

Three Benefits to Medical Inventory Management Systems

Maintaining inventory control is an essential part of managing any medical facility. Since inventory is one of the largest sections of the budget for many, it is essential that you know what you have, where it is, and how it is being used. Here's a look at a few of the key reasons to establish a comprehensive medical supply inventory system. It Catches Shipper Errors In a perfect environment, you would receive exactly what you ordered from your suppliers every single time. [Read More]

Will You Really Be Replacing Your Knee? The 101 On Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

An estimated 600,000 knee replacement surgeries will be necessary each year in the United States due to damaged cartilage in and around the knee joint. Many disorders and injuries can damage the knee joint, resulting in pain and loss of mobility. In many cases, this damage occurs due to a sports-related injury or accident, but osteoarthritis is a common condition that wears down the cartilage in the knee. If you fall into one of the previous scenarios, and physical therapy and other remedies haven't worked, then you may be considering more invasive measures. [Read More]