Three Benefits to Medical Inventory Management Systems

Maintaining inventory control is an essential part of managing any medical facility. Since inventory is one of the largest sections of the budget for many, it is essential that you know what you have, where it is, and how it is being used. Here's a look at a few of the key reasons to establish a comprehensive medical supply inventory system.

It Catches Shipper Errors

In a perfect environment, you would receive exactly what you ordered from your suppliers every single time. In reality, mistakes do happen, and sometimes they aren't caught before the box goes out the door. If this is the case for you, the easiest way to identify errors like this is by monitoring your inventory closely. Track what comes in as it compares to what you've ordered so that you can go back to your supplier to resolve any discrepancies. Otherwise, you may be under-stocked on items and find yourself facing a shortage. In the medical industry, that can be a serious hazard.

It Ensures Regulatory Compliance

The medical industry faces heavy regulations for many aspects of the field. Any violations of those regulations can leave your business facing lawsuits at best and criminal charges at worst. Tracking all of your equipment and supplies through medical inventory services, such as Instant Inventory Service, will help to ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation to support your operation. You'll be able to show what came in, where it came from, where it was stored and what it was used for. Additionally, it helps you track supply usage, which can identify cases of employee theft or fraud before they become criminal cases.

It Provides Documentation for Controlled Substances

Controlled substances are those medications that have been placed under tight regulations by the federal government. These medications include things like narcotics, stimulants and depressants. The regulations for these medications require that you keep detailed records of these medications in your facility and report any missing or stolen medication immediately. The only way to identify things like this is with a comprehensive inventory system. Not only does it provide you with a way to identify problems, but it also means that you'll have records to support your operation in the event of an investigation.

With the tips presented here, you can understand the importance of a comprehensive inventory control system. Talk with an inventory service provider today to see what kind of tracking can help your business.