Troubleshooting Your Silent Hearing Aid

One day, you turn your hearing aid on and you discover that it no longer produces the sound. Or, as you are performing your daily listening test, you might notice an inconsistency in the quality of the sound. Before getting your hearing aid repaired, make sure there isn't a problem you can fix.

Clean Any Wax Buildup

Look at the hearing aid to determine if there is any wax buildup. If so, clean off your hearing aid before putting it back in. If the hearing aid is dome-shaped, you will need to use a dry cloth. Your audiologist might have provided a special tool for cleaning hearing aid domes.

Unclog The Microphone

Check the microphone to verify that it isn't clogged, which could prevent it from picking up sounds. Use a brush to clean the opening. The tubing for your hearing aid might also be bent.

Make Sure The Battery Door Is Closed

Your hearing aid might be turned off because the battery door is not closed. When the door is difficult to shut, this is usually because the battery is upside down. Otherwise, the door might be damaged and will need to be repaired by a technician or replaced through a warranty program. If the door is closing, use a battery tester to determine if it is working. Batteries usually last one to two weeks. However, if you don't store the batteries in a cool, dark place, they might be already ruined when you first use them. Double-check to verify that you are using the right type of battery. Always make sure that you carry enough batteries so you do not have to make a trip at the last minute.

Clean The Earmold Tubing And Check The Cord

Remove the earmold tubing and then listen to the hearing aid. If it is generating a sound, the problem is with the tubing. Soak the tubing in hot water and replace it only after the tubing has dried. The body worn hearing aides connect together with a cord. If this cord becomes disconnected, the hearing aids will stop working.

Take The Hearing Aid In For A Repair

If the hearing aid still doesn't work, you may need to look up the nearest location where you can have your hearing aid inspected, such as Audiologists Northwest. Many hearing aid companies have walk-in hours where you can come without an appointment to have your hearing aid inspected. But in many situations, you will be able to fix the problem yourself.