Is Matcha EGCG Tea Right For You?

Matcha tea is often touted as an alternative to coffee and mocha. It has become increasingly popular for people who want to make healthier dieting choices. If you are on the fence about matcha tea, here is what you need to know.

What Are the Benefits?

Matcha tea is more than the average green tea. Instead of drinking water that has been infused with the flavor of tea leaves, you get to drink the actual leaves. The leaves are finely grounded and mixed with hot water until it froths. The process gives you a deeper flavor that is better than average green tea.

There are several health benefits to drinking matcha tea. It is rich in antioxidants, which can have a direct effect on your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Matcha EGCG, or matcha that contains EGCG, can even help to boost your metabolism level. The boost is one of the reasons that many drinkers use it when trying to lose weight.

The tea also can help with reducing stress. The tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine that can provide an energy boost, which can sometimes alleviate stress. L-theanine can also be found in the tea, which has a connection to anxiety reduction.

In addition to these benefits, matcha tea is thought to have antibacterial properties. This can be important if you have bad breath, gum infection, or other dental problems. The tea can help reduce the presence of bacteria that causes and exacerbates those conditions.

Some believe that matcha tea can help to slow the signs of aging. The tea is believed to help with improving the elasticity in the skin, which is important to avoiding wrinkles. It is even thought to help with protecting the skin from the sun.

Are There Drawbacks?

Although there are many benefits to drinking matcha tea, there is one drawback to factor into your decision to use it. The tea can increase the amount of stomach acid you have. If you suffer from a digestive disorder, such as acid reflux, you could experience an aggravation of your symptoms.

To avoid this, you should only consume the tea after eating a meal. An empty stomach will leave you vulnerable to problems. You should also limit the amount of tea you drink to a cup or two a day.

Matcha tea has many other benefits that you can experience. Talk to a supplier or herbalist to learn more about how it can specifically benefit you.