Suspect Your Child Is On Drugs? What You Can Do

If your suspect your child is doing drugs, there are things you can do to help them. If your child's grades are dropping, they are losing weight, and sleeping more than they normally do, these are some red flags that they are doing drugs. Below are some changes you can make around your home, such as locking up the liquor cabinet, preventing them from sneaking out, and checking their car for drug residue.

Start With Your Own Home

Your child may start getting their alcohol and/or prescription medication at home. If you have a liquor cabinet, remove some of the bottles and check them. One trick that children will do is to empty out the bottles, and then fill them back up with water. This works well for bottles that are tinted, or for clear liquor, such as vodka.

The same thing goes for your prescription medication, especially if you do not take it on a regular basis.  If you suspect your child is doing drugs, lock these up also. You should also check how many pills you have in each bottle, so you can check if there is any missing.

An easy way to keep these things secure is to purchase security sensors. You can find these at most electronic stores. Place a security sensor on your liquor cabinet and medication cabinet doors. If your child opens the cabinet or door, an alarm will send, and you will be notified via text or email.

Prevent Sneaking Out

If your child is doing drugs, they may try to sneak out at night. The best way to prevent this is to install an alarm system. If you do not want to do this, however, you can place a bell above the front and back door. When your child tries to open one of these doors the bell will sound. Make sure the bells are high enough and secure so your child could not easily take them down without making a lot of noise.  Nail down the window screens so your child cannot easily pop them off.

Check the Car

If your child has their own car, make sure you check it randomly, and always after a weekend, such as on a Sunday.

Do your research so you know what to look for, such as what a joint and roach look like. The roach is the end of a joint. Think of a cigarette after it has been smoked and the butt is left behind. Look for small seeds or green leaf like particles on the seats and floorboards.

Look for white powdery residue on the dashboard, mirrors, CDs and/or CD cases, and floorboards that they may be using to do drugs off of, such as snorting cocaine.

There are drug testing kits you can purchase to give your child a drug test at home. Talk to your doctor about your child's substance abuse, and they can tell you where you can purchase drug testing kits..