Are You Embarrassed Of Your Dental Veneers? Switch To Implants Fast

Did you have veneers put on your teeth to fix your smile but now you dislike the way that they look? Are they oversized, protruding and feel uncomfortable in your mouth? If so, don't try to fix the problem with another set of veneers, and instead replace the veneers with permanent dental implants.

You'll have to see a dental surgeon that does the implantation procedure to get a consultation for your smile. Here are a few of the things you should expect when it comes to the process of replacing your veneers with implants.

Veneer and Tooth Extraction

The surgeon will have to remove the veneers and extract the teeth that veneers were bonded to.  Once the tooth is extracted, the permanent implant can be infused into the jaw bone, replacing the root of your natural tooth with metal that holds the synthetic implant in place. Sometimes a bone graft is needed if your bones aren't dense enough to support the tooth.


After the surgery you should expect to have tenderness, swelling, bruising and potentially some other soreness in the face. You should also eat soft foods or stick with a liquid diet, and this could be required up to 14 days, depending on how fast your face and mouth are healing. As your mouth starts to heal, you'll be able to eat, talk and floss as you did before the surgery, and after you get cleared by your oral surgery.

Living with Implants

The dental implants are going to feel and look like the natural teeth that were in your mouth. You can brush with any type of brush or toothpaste, and you can easily floss in between the teeth. Being able to floss in the gum tissue is an advantage with implants over other replacement options like veneer pieces or bridges, because you can preserve your gum tissue. Your surgeon will check the implants over time to see if they need tightened or maintained in any way. These fake teeth won't get cavities or need root canals after implantation.

Replacing the veneers with the implants isn't just going to give you confidence in your smile and make you feel more comfortable, but implants are the healthiest option for tooth replacement when you can't have your natural teeth in your mouth. Having the implants fused isn't just choosing an option that can last for a lifetime, but it's a smart financial investment in your oral health.