What You Should Know About Your Child's Pediatric Visit

Your child needs to see a pediatrician in order to stay on top of their health and wellness. If you aren't taking your child to the pediatrician at least every year for wellness checkups, you could be missing things in your child's health that could have been caught early. Your child's pediatrician can diagnose a wide range of medical issues and concerns, including diagnosing mental health issues. Read on for a few things you should know about your child's pediatric visit.

Your Child's Vitals Will Be Checked

All of your child's vitals will be checked at the appointment, including your child's height and weight. All vitals will be checked at the appointment and everything is monitored as your child grows and ages. These vitals are matched against past appointments, so if changes do occur, the pediatrician can look to see how your child is growing and the pattern of this growth as well.

Your Child Will Be Given A Thorough Exam

The pediatrician will give your child a thorough exam, which will include looking at your child's ears, throat, and eyes. In addition, they will look at your child's spinal curve to ensure there aren't any spinal issues. The pediatrician will also examine your child's body parts, including private parts, which you should discuss with your child ahead of time so they know this is acceptable. The pediatrician will also be listening to your child talk and will ask questions to see how your child responds to these questions. The pediatrician will also check other things such as coordination and reflexes.

You Should Ask Questions

This is the best time to ask your child's pediatrician questions. If you have any questions at all about your child's health or wellness, this is the time to do so. If you are having any concerns at all, such as how your child is behaving, now is the time to ask. If your child is having issues at school, you can talk to the pediatrician about this as well. If your child is exhibiting any signs at all that may indicate a health concern, you should bring it up to the pediatrician. You see your child all the time, so you know what may be concerning, while your child's pediatrician may only see them once per year. Bring up anything concerning to the pediatrician so it can be treated or at least monitored.

If your child is due for a wellness visit or you haven't taken your child to the pediatrician for a while, you need to keep up with these appointments. Keep up with your child's health and well-being, make an appointment for a wellness visit with a pediatrician today.