Troubleshooting Common Issues With CBD Tincture

CBD tincture can be an amazing product. It can give you relief from everything from headaches to anxiety. But sometimes, people use CBD tincture and have some type of complaint or small problem. Most of these problems are easy to address as long as you know how to address them. So, here's a troubleshooting guide for common CBD tincture issues.

Problem: Your CBD is taking too long to kick in.

CBD tincture is often touted for being faster-acting than CBD oil, capsules, or gummies. If it's not kicking in within a few minutes, that is probably because you're not taking it correctly. You are not supposed to just swallow it as you would a pill. If you do that, then the CBD won't kick in until it has passed through your stomach and into your small intestine. Instead, make sure you place the drops of tincture under your tongue. Then, hold the CBD tincture there for 30 to 60 seconds—longer if you can. Much of the CBD will be absorbed directly into the blood vessels beneath your tongue, and you'll feel the effects within minutes.

Problem: You're having to use multiple droppers full of CBD tinctures.

When you start using CBD tincture, you use a few drops at a time, and then you increase the dose until you find the effective dose. But if you're having to put more than one dropper full beneath your tongue each time you use your CBD, this can be an annoyance. It's just hard to fit that much liquid under your tongue! The best solution here is to just buy a stronger CBD tincture next time. This way, you won't have to use as much volume. If you were buying 500 mg tincture, for example, start buying 1000 mg tincture and using half the volume.

Problem: The tincture is irritating your tongue or throat. 

Do you feel like your tongue and throat are raw and itchy after taking CBD? Some people react this way to full-spectrum CBD tinctures. It's not the CBD that is bothering you; it's some of the terpenes found in full-spectrum products. These terpenes have health benefits, but if they are irritating you, then you should switch to a CBD isolate tincture instead. CBD isolate tinctures only contain CBD—not terpenes.

If you've been dealing with any of these common CBD tincture issues, hopefully, you now know how to solve them. For more insight, contact services like Cannabis Bioscience Development.