Independent Living Communities: Exploring The Pros And Cons

For many seniors, independent living communities will offer the perfect balance of freedom and available services. However, like all senior care options, independent living will not be right for everyone. Taking the time to carefully review the pros and cons outlined below, you will be able to determine for yourself whether or not independent living is right for you.

The Pros

There are many benefits that come along with relocating to an independent living community. These benefits include:

  1. Onsite Assistance - Independent living communities aim to provide seniors with as many services as possible close to home. This often means providing services both in a resident's home, such as assistance with cleaning and cooking, as well as services outside the resident's home, such as rehabilitation and transportation services. Having this wide variety of services available helps residents to remain independent during their golden years.
  2. Social Environment - In addition to the personal services that these communities offer each member, independent living communities will also help all residents to remain social even when dealing with limited mobility issues. This is done by fostering a social environment through community events and a central clubhouse or community center.
  3. Privacy - Even with all of the services that these communities are able to offer, independent living communities still provide residents with an extremely high level of privacy. This is because each resident maintains their own separate household and is never required to utilize any services that they don't need.

The Cons

There are also a few disadvantages that come along with this senior care option. These disadvantages include:

  1. Insurance Coverage - While some senior care options, such as a nursing home, will often qualify for coverage by many insurance policies, independent living communities will not qualify for this type of coverage. This means that residents will be required to cover the cost of their stay out of their own pocket.
  2. Must Relocate - The only way to take advantage of the services these communities have to offer is to relocate. For seniors who have lived in the same home for many years, the idea of relocating may be out of the question.
  3. Limited Medical Care - While independent living communities may offer some basic medical services onsite, these communities are not designed to address serious medical problems. Consequently, residents who require more in-depth medical care will be required to seek out additional services on their own.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a senior care environment that allows you to maintain your freedom and independence, while also allowing you to take advantage of many onsite services, an independent living community such as Stonehill Care Center will be the right environment for you. However, if you do not wish to relocate or require round-the-clock medical care, you may be better served by other senior care options, such as home healthcare services or nursing homes.