Stop The Clock: The Age-Old Trend Against Aging Gets A Facelift With "Age Management"

People, especially after age forty, are constantly trying to stop aging. Men do it by working out, dying their hair, and either shaving facial hair off completely or dying that too. Women exercise, get botox, have facelifts and a whole host of plastic surgeries, take pills, and spend thousands on spa treatments and facial creams. If you have tried any and all of these, there is still one thing you have not tried—"age management medical services." Here is some more information on this new trend to stop the clock.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Doctors' standard advice of "eat right and exercise" does not work exactly the way it should for everyone. In fact, there are some people who have completely different needs when it comes to exercise and food. The whole point to age management services is to customize a diet and exercise plan to fit not just the individual, but also the individual's medical history, familial background and health concerns in the future. These tailored plans to treat and prevent you from aging faster are more effective because they are constructed to fit you, and you alone. You would not buy a tailored suit to fit someone else, so why follow a universal anti-aging health and exercise plan?

Anti-Aging Hormones

Sure, you have tried hormone replacement therapy, but you probably did so with synthetic hormones. Humans are not synthetic creatures, so synthetic anything in the body is not going to be as effective as the real thing. Medical science has advanced to the point where you can provide a sample of your own hormones and a lab can reproduce your natural hormones. They are, for all intents and purposes, your hormones. Your body will not reject them or have a bad reaction to them. When they are injected back into your body, they can help slow down and/or stop the aging clock. This, in conjunction with the tailored and individualized healthy living plan, can make a major difference in how you look and feel.

Stress Management

Stress is the number one killer of adults. It causes people to overeat, overreact, and kills brain cells while elevating blood pressure and heart rate. Other cells in the body also die, and/or lose their regenerative properties. If you have ever noticed how some people look a lot older than they should, it is probably stress. When you hear that someone in their forties died of a heart attack, it was probably stress. Reducing the stress levels in your life slows the aging process and decelerates the death of cells in the body.

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