4 Simple Ways To Deal With Whiplash

Whiplash may not produce a visible injury, but it can be painful nonetheless. Whiplash is commonly associated with car accidents, but can occur due to sports injuries or other injury situations as well. Whiplash is a serious condition that you want to treat right away to mitigate the impact that it has on you. There are many different back pain treatment services that can help with this.

#1 Ice Your Neck

The first thing you want to do is ice your neck. Try to do this as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Wrap some ice or an ice pack up in a towel and put it on your neck. Keep the ice there for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then remove it. Repeat this on the hour for the first few days after your injury.

All of that ice on your neck will help reduce the swelling and help reduce the severity of the injury. Icing your neck should also help reduce the amount of pain that you feel from the injury.

#2 Use Some Painkillers

Some simple painkillers are appropriate after you have experienced whiplash. Over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen will help reduce the swelling and help you deal with the pain.

Use these medications as directed by your doctor and by the instructions on the medication bottle. Keep in mind that over-the-counter painkillers are designed to be used for a short period of time and not for a long period of time. Don't take more pain pills than you are subscribed.

#3 Use Some Heat

After you have been icing your neck for a couple of days, you are going to want to start using some heat on your neck. Wait until the swelling has gone down before you start using heat to treat your whiplash.

There are lots of ways that you can apply heat. You can take a warm bath to relax your neck muscles or a hot shower. You can apply wet, warm towels around your neck. Or you can apply a heat pack wrapped in a towel to your neck as well.

#4 Visit Your Chiropractor

The impact of whiplash can have lingering effects and can impact the rest of your body as well. That is why you should visit your chiropractor. Your chiropractor can assess and determine the extent of your whiplash injuries and watch out for any side effects.

If your neck became misaligned because of your whiplash injuries, your chiropractor can help realign your neck and get things back where they should be.