Malpractice Lawsuit Denied? Why You Should Hire A Medical Records Review Expert Witness

Mistakes can occur in any setting. Human error is a very real thing, and anytime you are dealing with a person there is a chance that an accident may occur. However, the situation becomes much more serious when you are working with a medical professional. Medical malpractice is said to occur when a doctor or some other member of the medical field does not provide care that is appropriate for the situation or provides a treatment that results in injury to the patient. Getting hurt so badly at the hands of a physician and being forced to live with an orthopedic injury can be devastating. If you've filed a medical malpractice lawsuit and it was denied, take a look at how a records review expert witness can be of assistance.

Expert Witnesses Simplify Complex Topics

Putting together a jury comprised of individuals who understand the subtle nuances of the medical field isn't always easy. As the jury listens to both sides of the argument, they might potentially become so confused that they aren't able to exercise sound judgment. This could easily cause you to lose your case, leaving you completely bewildered because you know your claim is valid. What you don't realize is the case was lost because of communication issues.

Bringing in a medical records review expert witness who specializes in orthopedics can add a layer of clarity to the briefings that may not have been there before. The expert witness can review your medical file and explain how your injuries were a direct result of the work done by a medical professional so you can hopefully win your appeal.

Prove That The Injuries Were Not Present Before The Incident

Expert witnesses are also incredibly helpful because they act to prove that your orthopedic injuries were not present before you filed your claim. They do this by combing through your medical records and pointing out how you were not treated for orthopedic issues in the past. This could be the game-changer that you need because being able to show, with concrete evidence, that the healthcare problems you face right now came as a direct result of faulty treatment is quite powerful!

You owe it to yourself to strive for the compensation that you deserve. Reach out to an orthopedic medical record review expert right now so you can fill them in on your situation and go on to fight for what is rightfully yours.