How To Prepare For A Doctor's Office Visit With Multiple Children

Heading to a doctor's office visit is tough enough with one child, but when you have multiple children in tow, it can be near impossible. Here are a few tips to make your doctor's office visit a little easier.

Dress for success

Whether you bring in an infant or a teenager, they need to be measured and weighed. Choosing the right outfit and shoes will make everything run smoothly. You want shoes that slip on and off easily for the scale, like slides or flip-flops.

You will also want your kids to choose a short-sleeve, loose-fitting t-shirt for the doctor's office visit. This not only makes it easier for the nurse to position a blood pressure cuff on your child's arm, but the doctor can quickly lift a loose t-shirt to examine your child's spine. Long sleeves and tight-fitting clothes with multiple buttons are a hassle.

Do your homework

No parent wants to walk out to the car after an appointment only to realize that they never talked about that pesky mole on Junior's shoulder. Write out your questions on a paper notecard, so you don't forget anything during your appointment. While paper may seem counter-intuitive when your phone's note app is so handy, you will not want to wrestle that phone away from whatever kid you gave it to as a distraction. Paper is best.

Come prepared

You have to bring that immunization record every time. Come prepared. Whether you are a brand new parent or a seasoned pro, everyone forgets at one time or another. If your child is old enough for Covid-19 immunization, you have to bring that card along with you as well.


Experienced parents know that you can pre-medicate your child with children's pain relief before the doctor's office visit when you anticipate any immunization shots. Some immunizations can hurt, causing sore, stiff arms and general malaise. However, the medicine should help and kick in just as it is time for the shot.

Plan a treat

When your child is old enough to make the connection between immunizations and other doctor office visit unpleasantries, they may resist going in with you. However, if you plan a special treat, like a trip to their favorite park, immediately after the appointment, they can focus on the fun instead.

While having multiple children in an exam room is stressful, scheduling it all at once saves time. If you think it out and plan ahead, your doctor's office visit will run smoothly.