4 Conditions That Require An Urgent Review By Eye Surgeon

Currently, about 4.2 million Americans above 40 years are visually impaired. While some vision problems are minor, others are complex and require surgery. If you currently have a visual problem, you need to visit an optician for a proper diagnosis. If the condition cannot be treated using corrective eyewear or other medication, you may be referred to an eye surgeon. Most likely, the ophthalmologist will recommend laser eye surgery since it is less painful and non-invasive. [Read More]

Troubleshooting Common Issues With CBD Tincture

CBD tincture can be an amazing product. It can give you relief from everything from headaches to anxiety. But sometimes, people use CBD tincture and have some type of complaint or small problem. Most of these problems are easy to address as long as you know how to address them. So, here's a troubleshooting guide for common CBD tincture issues. Problem: Your CBD is taking too long to kick in. [Read More]

A Microphlebectomy Treatment Could Be The Solution For Your Varicose Veins

There are a few treatments for varicose veins. The option your doctor chooses often depends on the size of the veins and how deep they are. A microphlebectomy is often a good choice for treating varicose veins, and it can be combined with sclerotherapy or laser treatments to get rid of smaller or larger veins. Here's how microphlebectomy treatments work. The Vein Is Removed During The Procedure Unlike some other varicose vein treatments that just clot off the vein so the vein disappears gradually, the doctor is able to remove the vein during a microphlebectomy treatment. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Your Child's Pediatric Visit

Your child needs to see a pediatrician in order to stay on top of their health and wellness. If you aren't taking your child to the pediatrician at least every year for wellness checkups, you could be missing things in your child's health that could have been caught early. Your child's pediatrician can diagnose a wide range of medical issues and concerns, including diagnosing mental health issues. Read on for a few things you should know about your child's pediatric visit. [Read More]