Getting Your Patients To Make Payments On Services Conducted

If you just started your own physician's practice, chances are you have several customers lined up to tend to each day. Often patients will not pay for services they are provided on the same day they are at your establishment. This gives them time to have their insurance company look over the pricing for procedures done in an attempt to reduce the amount they owe themselves. In some instances, bills you send to your clients will go unpaid. [Read More]

Salt-Room Therapy: Is It the Right Treatment for Your Nightly Allergies?

If your allergies become worse at night and prevent you from breathing properly, you may try many things to help you sleep better, even salt-room therapy. Salt-room therapy is one of the newest, most popular trends in alternative allergy and respiratory treatment today. While the therapy may work well for some individuals, it may or may not be right for you. Here's more information about salt-room therapy and what you can do to ease your nightly allergy symptoms. [Read More]

Stop The Clock: The Age-Old Trend Against Aging Gets A Facelift With "Age Management"

People, especially after age forty, are constantly trying to stop aging. Men do it by working out, dying their hair, and either shaving facial hair off completely or dying that too. Women exercise, get botox, have facelifts and a whole host of plastic surgeries, take pills, and spend thousands on spa treatments and facial creams. If you have tried any and all of these, there is still one thing you have not tried—" [Read More]

Tips For Avoiding Feeling Claustrophobic In An MRI Machine

Being sent by your doctor to a medical imaging center for an MRI can be a key step in helping you get diagnosed with whatever is ailing you, thanks to this machine's ability to "see" inside your body. If you commonly feel claustrophobic in tight spaces, it's important to take some steps to avoid feeling this way within the confines of the MRI. While the technician will do his or her best to make you feel comfortable, and you'll also often be able to listen to music to help pass the time, there are a handful of different things that you can do to feel comfortable during the procedure. [Read More]